Five Music Documentaries to Watch while in Quarantine

As another week of quarantine rolls through, while trying to keep busy, I have found myself scrolling through Netflix for what can feel like hours. If you want an interesting music documentary to keep your attention for about an hour and a half, look no further. Here are five incredible music documentaries everyone should see. All of these movies are available on Netflix.

For the hopeless romantic: “Amy”

Whether you’re a die-hard Amy Winehouse fan or you’re only familiar with “Rehab”, A24’s documentary “Amy” is a must-watch. The movie tells the story of Winehouse’s young life as well as her relationship with her husband, Blake Fielder, who ultimately got her addicted to drugs and alcohol. The film details Winehouse’s abusive relationship with her husband leading all the way up through her death, which occurred in July 2011. The movie interweaves the singer’s incredible music into the film, using her music to help paint the late singer’s life story with her own words. If you know me well, you know that Amy Winehouse is one of my heroes and one of favorite musicians. That’s all because I saw this movie. This film is beautiful, and is guaranteed to be a tearjerker if you’re a fan of the singer. 

For the history buff: “Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a Generation”

If you’re a fan of history, old music, or hippie culture, this one’s for you. “Woodstock“, a PBS-produced documentary, tells the story of how the iconic 1969 music festival came to be. Attendees and creators of the festival alike are interviewed, and some of the best Woodstock footage in history can be seen in this film. If you’re a current fan of festivals, you definitely have to watch this movie to see how one of the most important festivals in music history came about. I took an elective history class about the 1960s and watching this movie gave me so much extra information about Woodstock that I didn’t even learn in class. This is also a good movie to watch with your family, especially if your parents grew up listening to the music of this era.

For the dancer: “Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé”

If you’re a part of the Beyhive, you probably have all of the choreography from this movie memorized down to a T. If not, there is literally no better time than now to try to start learning it. “Homecoming” is the documentary that shares the process of how Beyoncé trained and rehearsed for her headlining Coachella performances in 2018. This movie has the best quality footage of Beyoncé’s incredible “Beychella” performances, and her formations with her large number of backup dancers are breathtaking. If you’re a fan of pop music, Beyoncé, or hip-hop dancing, you’ve got to watch this movie.

For the pop culture fiend: “FYRE: The Greatest Party that Never Happened”

If you’re into pop culture, you know all about FYRE Festival, and have probably already seen a documentary about it. If you’re really into pop culture, you’ve definitely seen a documentary about FYRE Fest and honestly the whole topic is so 2019, this is old news. Well, assuming you haven’t already seen all there is to see about FYRE, this documentary will everything. The music festival that was supposed to be an exclusive influencer-only music festival on a tropical island in 2017 ended up being a complete failure due to lack of budget and poor planning. Watching the documentaries about it now makes it seem slightly comical, but this documentary actually speaks volumes about current trends and influencer culture.

For the stan: “Gaga: Five Foot Two”

If you’re a Little Monster, (Lady Gaga fan), you’ve already seen this documentary. This movie shows the creation of Lady Gaga’s album, ‘Joanne’. This film displays Gaga in her most candid nature, with beautiful footage of her and her grandmother, for whom the album is named. This movie shows how Gaga has changed throughout the years as a performer, maturing as an artist. If you’re into pop music, whether you consider yourself to be a fan of Lady Gaga’s or not, this movie will make you one. Raw footage of Gaga in the studio displays the power of her voice so effortlessly; this is definitely a movie you need to see. Before seeing this movie, despite seeing Gaga headline Lollapalooza with my dad and sister in 2012 with a fever, I didn’t consider myself a big fan of the pop singer. This movie totally changed my mind and made me see Gaga from a new perspective.

Check out my Netflix music documentary recommendations and leave any suggestions for me in the comments or on social media!

Published by Marissa Bachrach

I am a Journalism/PR graduate of The Media School at Indiana University Bloomington.

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