Tame Impala Releases New Single

Kevin Parker, the one-man band behind Tame Impala took to Instagram late on January 1, teasing a new single, “Lost in Yesterday,” to be released sometime in the next week. Tame Impala’s upcoming LP The Slow Rush, is set to come out on Valentine’s Day. 

The Slow Rush will be the follow up to Tame Impala’s most recent LP, Currents, which was released back in 2015. Since, Parker has dropped four singles throughout 2019 in preparation for the upcoming long-awaited album. “Patience,” and “Borderline” came out in March and April respectively. Then, Parker announced the final release date for the upcoming album, along with dropping the single “It Might Be Time” in October. 

On December 4, 2019, Parker released the single, “Posthumous Forgiveness,” a six minute long song in which Parker mixes his signature psychedelic trippy effects with a complete change in melody at around four minutes in. Parker simultaneously incorporates deeply reflective lyrics about the artist’s relationship with his late father. Parker recalls his childhood memories of growing up with his father, and ponders over what he wishes he could tell him now. It’s a mix of Tame Impala’s classic sound and a darker twist that fans don’t expect from the Australian producer. 

With four singles out, a 12-song album coming next month, and tour dates set to start in March, fans are itching to hear what the future holds for Tame Impala.

Check out his new single below!

Published by Marissa Bachrach

I am a Journalism/PR graduate of The Media School at Indiana University Bloomington.

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